You’ll never think about Amber Alerts the same way after seeing new doc about its origins

By Raechal Shewfelt · Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

January 17, 2023

Just how closely do you read that Amber Alert when it goes off on your phone?

A new documentary streaming on Peacock reminds us of the importance of the law enforcement tool and reveals the little known story of its namesake, Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl who was abducted while riding her bike near her grandparents’s home on Jan. 13, 1996, in Arlington, Texas. Investigators determined the suspect was nearby, but they were without a way to alert the public.

The chilling true story of the girl behind the Amber Alert: Documentary lays bare kidnap and brutal murder of nine-year-old whose unsolved 1996 case inspired the emergency warning


January 20, 2023

Never-before-seen footage of the nine-year-old girl whose shocking abduction and murder inspired the creation of the Amber Alert system is featured in a new documentary about the unsolved case. 

The Peacock original ‘Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert‘ explores the legacy of Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas, on January 13, 1996. She was found dead near a creek days later.

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Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert(Peacock): The original documentary about the true story of the life and aftermath of the kidnapping of Amber Hagerman, whose tragedy inspired the Amber Alert. “Through hours of raw, never-before-seen footage of Amber’s family leading up to and after her disappearance, the doc gives viewers a better understanding of the vibrant and loving young spirit that was Amber and the life-saving alert created in her name,” says Stephanie Steele, SVP of unscripted current production at NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. Streaming

How a heartbroken mother saved hundreds of lives after the murder of her own little girl

by Sarah Ingram, Metro

Published Jan 18, 2023

Nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was a ‘smart, funny little girl’ who had been playing on her bike near her grandparents’ house when she disappeared.

It was an unseasonably warm day in January 1996 and she and her little brother Ricky had decided to cheekily disobey their parents. Instead of cycling the loop back to their grandparents’ house, in Arlington, Texas, the pair turned towards an abandoned car park.

New documentary highlights life of abducted Arlington 9-year-old who inspired Amber Alert

by Lana Ferguson, The Dallas Morning News

Published Jan 18, 2023

“Everyone knows the Amber Alert,” her mother says in the trailer. “I want the world to know who Amber was.”

A new true crime documentary premiered Wednesday about the Arlington 9-year-old whose unsolved kidnapping and murder in 1996 inspired the creation of the Amber Alert.

The Peacock original documentary “Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert” is about the life of Amber Hagerman and is available exclusively on the streaming service.

New ‘Amber’ documentary explores cold trail of Arlington girl’s abduction 27 years ago

by Brayden Garcia, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Published Jan 19, 2023

After 27 years, Amber Hagerman’s abduction and murder remains unsolved.

The suspected abductor snatched the 9-year-old Arlington girl while she was riding her bicycle in a parking lot of a laundromat near her home. The Star-Telegram reported two years ago, 25 years after the abduction, how the girl with long brown hair and freckles was filled with a boundless love of life — of going to school at Arlington’s Berry Elementary, playing with her collection of Barbie dolls, riding her pink bicycle with her younger brother, Ricky Hagerman.

Amber: The Girl Behind the Alert

by Cherry Picks

Published Jan 17, 2023

We all know “Amber Alerts,” and this Peacock original documentary explores the true story of their namesake, Amber Hagerman, a young girl who was abducted and murdered by an unknown assailant. Including interviews with her mother on a quest to ensure such a tragedy won’t happen to another child and adults who were abducted as children whose lives were saved by the alerts, this unsolved mystery still baffles investigators to this day.

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